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Purchase WOW Processing on Audio

These full recordings of both WOW Processes allow you to do amazing healing work for yourself, in the privacy of your own home.

The downloadable MP3 package includes:
• Introduction to WOW Technology
WOW hand positions fully explained
• WOW Preparation Techniques
• A complete, guided, therapeutic session of The WOW Process
• The full WOW-in-Love Process
• Printable PDF WOW Processing Guide, complete with illustrations.
Order for yourself or loved ones
If you prefer to purchase the WOW Processing Audio as a 2 CD set, please email with your detailed request.
WOW-You Really Can Feel Better!
Interactive, downloadable e-book that fully explains WOW Technology
• You really can feel better, right now, and so can anyone else!
• 50 page e-book, with full WOW MetaScripts and detailed explanations of   how it all works and how WOW came to be.
• All the information necessary to become a WOW Facilitator for friends,   family, or clients is included.
Order for yourself or loved ones:
Disclaimer: Every human has free will and is responsible to and for their own well-being. Viewing and or using WOW Technology indicates your full agreement.
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