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Health  •  Vitality  •  Wellbeing  •  Pain  •  Distress  •  Healing
Relationships  •  Stress  •  Physical Issues  •  Anger  •  Diagnosis Shock
Addictions  •  Weight Loss  •  Recovery  •  Spiritual Growth


ENLIVEN YOURSELF! When vital life force flows through your body/mind/spirit, your whole being becomes energized, including the immune system, the emotional and mental bodies, and your spiritual wisdom. Well-being on every level can indeed be yours. WOW is especially powerful for releasing deep stress, bodyshock, diagnostic shock and other trauma blocks that have prevented true healing.

WOW Processing is a new prescription for self-healing and living well. Vitality and vibrant health are creative processes and when we choose to, we can use WOW to co-create with Presence, with our own inner wisdom, and with the body's intelligence, to live the lives we choose - instead of unconsciously creating more pain and suffering.

As every great teacher has shown us, we are powerful creators - miracle workers even - who literally create every experience we have. We can become willing and active participants in our own health, and if we choose, also experience an UPSHIFT on every level of being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

By using The WOW Processes regularly, we become personally acquainted with the power of Presence, and how to allow Presence to transmute our suffering. The WOW Process & WOW-in-Love both offer fast, easy ways to access Presence and re-member wholeness to your life.

You may focus on actual symptoms, or on the feelings those symptoms generate, or on the thoughts or behaviors that have kept the symptoms in place, or any combination thereof.
WOW lets you start wherever you are and helps you BE the best YOU possible, right now. Repeated WOW Processing lets you reach higher/more clear/more whole states of being related to any particular subject. Just as the Universe continues to expand, we continue to grow - in vitality, awareness, and joy - every time we express willingness and allow Presence to build within us.

Use WOW to Align with life 100% and be a healthier you! You can get started right now, and let WOW help you in any of the following areas.

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Personal Growth & Development 

Self Esteem/Confidence/Respect/Love/Acceptance
Stress • Trauma • Confusion • Resistance
Addiction • Difficult Transitions

You CAN grow up—with grace and ease—and be the
fulfilled, joyful, compassionate person you've always wanted to be,
and WOW Processing can help!

WOW supports human growth and development by upshifting your state of consciousness and anchoring your highest stage of development within all levels of your being, right now, which gives you everything required to live in new ways.

When you choose to grow quickly, WOW offers a way to acknowledge, release, and replace whatever has been blocking your progress with a new reality that arises directly from your heart and soul, and is thus natural and easy to live.

Many folks have said that using The WOW Process to clear a particular issue is like having six months of therapy in a 90-minute session. Use it to address unwanted behaviors, unpleasant reactions, irrational fears, or any other issue you'd like to clear.

The most efficient path for personal growth is to use the 6 Foundational Choices discussed in the ebook, WOW - You Really Can Feel Better! and also listed in the "Free Tools" section on the About WOW page.

WOW-in-Love can literally clear a lifetime of "less than loving" thoughts and feelings from your mind/body/spirit in about 30 minutes - whether those energies came from you or toward you!

Whenever we hold unloving or "less than positive" thought patterns, perceptions, and emotions - either consciously or subconsciously - they negatively impact us on many levels. WOW-in-Love can gently clear away those negative imprints and allow us to immediately reach a higher level of consciousness through the power of Love itself.

WOW was carefully developed and thoroughly researched to clear as much suffering as possible without triggering a negative reaction. Presence is the power that fuels them. You can start right now!

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

Positive InterActions & Loving Relationships

Family & Friends • Marital & Divorce • Money & Finances
Work • Co-dependency • Boundaries • Grief • Abundance or Lack

Truly loving interactions, with self and others,
and mature intimate relationships are actually possible!
And easier to accomplish with a little help from WOW Processing.

With WOW-in-Love and The WOW Process, it does not matter WHY you are experiencing less than loving interactions with yourself or others, or how long it's been happening. All that matters is your willingness to notice what has blocked you from harmony and the willingness to let it go. Presence does the rest.

Whenever we release fears that have kept us from connecting, we automatically move forward, toward greater vitality, another word for Love. Both WOW Processes help us release frightening thoughts and feelings and literally deactivate their subconscious triggers. Old fear-based responses, along with their debilitating side effects, can be cleared very quickly.

It is difficult to have meaningful positive interactions with others when you hold yourself in disdain, or carry a burden of grief, or hold resentment, or frequently have feelings of lack, and yet most of us know these states very well. With WOW, we can gently clear these negative states and establish a new standard for positive interactions.

Life happens with much greater ease and joy when the majority of our interactions are loving! Both WOW Processes gently remove the obstacles to genuinely loving connections. If you experience a lack of love for yourself or others, WOW offers a dynamic way to heal that sense of lack with much more grace and ease.

Use any problematic interaction or relationship to help you grow by WOW'ing your own reactions to it. Focus on yourself - your thoughts, feelings, desires, confusion, body sensations, or behavior - and you can clear any stress related to another person.

Give yourself true love and open to the possibility of truly receiving it! As all the great teachers have shared, the more you love yourself, the more others love you. Isn't it time? You can get started right now!

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

Stress / Panic / Phobias
Abuse • Anger • Depression • PTSD
Trauma • Transitions • Disaster Shock

Even Western Medicine has finally admitted that stress is at the root of most illness and disease. Chronic or intense stress actually weakens the immune system.

What is stress? Most often it is the mind telling you, in some form, that THIS should NOT be happening, in some way expressing, "I cannot handle what is happening - This is too much for me - I hate this - I want to be somewhere/someone else, anywhere but here, now."

Panic is stress greatly magnified while phobias are stress that's been fixed in mind and body, accepted as reality because it certainly feels true. Yet it's merely the past controlling your present and can be cleared, gently and lovingly, using WOW-in-Love or The WOW Process.

How is that possible? WOW brings Presence to the suffering caused by stress and coupled with our willingness to release it, Presence transmutes the pain - literally dissolves it. It's like bringing light into a dark room and the darkness simply disappears – it isn't real, only an absence of light. Light 'cures' darkness as Presence and willingness to face and release our pain cures suffering.

With WOW Processing, it doesn't matter where we begin - any symptom is a great place to start because WOW works with 'what is' and helps you go, BE, wherever you choose. We can focus on any aspect of stress - body symptoms, fearful thoughts, uncomfortable emotions, spiritual confusion, apathy, or resistance - and WOW gently walks us through it to a better place.

What are you afraid of (from the past) that might happen (again in the future)?
Where/how do you feel it in your body/mind/spirit, now?
Use The WOW Processes to get 'present' and gently notice. Presence can and does transmute—transform and dissolve—any stress that is acknowledged along with a willingness to release it.

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

Goals / Motivation / Inspiration
Clarity • Timing • Manifestation • Apathy • Low Energy

It's fast to figure out what you really, REALLY want with WOW Processing. It's easy with WOW to create a goal that is aligned with your personal will and spiritual aspirations. It's fun using WOW to remove all blocks to achieving your goals. WOW is a tool for manifesting your hearts desire, NOW!

Are you expending energy in ways that do not serve you or the dreams you long to see manifested? Are you in a 'stuck' holding pattern, confused about what you truly want, or unclear how to proceed in accomplishing your goals?

STOP! This is exhausting, discouraging,
and clearly not effective.

Using The WOW Processes, you can quickly and easily release negative thought patterns, debilitating emotions, and disempowering self-sabotage and get clearly aligned with your intended goals. Release confused energy and plug into a REAL power source to help realize all your goals.

Experience Presence with WOW and become NATURALLY energized, Power-full, Inspired and MOTIVATED.... to manifest who you truly are, right now, which automatically brings forward everything you've ever wanted!

To work with a goal, simply state where you are with it right now and where you'd rather be. The WOW Process then takes you into the desired goal state internally, which begins to manifest it in your life. If motivation or inspiration is the issue, simply state how you are feeling/thinking/behaving right now in relationship to it and where/how you'd rather be. WOW does the rest.

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

Educational Issues / Peak Performance
Fear • Anger • Confusion • Dyslexia • ADD-ADHD • Creativity • Inspiration

Make an academic leap with WOW Processing! Optimal learning requires mind, body, and spirit coordination. Open to your natural brilliance by releasing the fear, conflict, and confusion that has made learning difficult.

People learn, naturally. Yet the unnatural use of shame, fear, and pride-based learning methods have long ruled our educational systems. These less-than-loving 'motivators' can severely curtail the intrinsic joy of learning, limit ability to recall information, and prevent the natural understanding and use of what we've learned.

WOW can remove these low vibration motivators that cause stress and in their place, provide inspiration and creative power, which comes from the power of Presence and your consciously choosing new patterns of thought and behavior.

Is your desire to learn, or to try something new, limited or challenged by fear of failure, lack of courage, mental confusion, or poor mind/body/spirit coordination?

Using The WOW Processes, you can dismantle those negative motivators, release old or new traumas, clear up limiting misperceptions (belief systems), and quickly upshift your ability to learn, plus retain information and naturally apply it. Learning can be easy and joyful, whether you are a visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or proprioceptive processor.

Activate your most powerful learning abilities with The WOW Processes! Focus on whatever is problematic and watch it dissolve as you open to a whole new level of ability while expanding your capacity for receiving new information.

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

Spiritual Evolution
Wholeness • Oneness • Wellbeing • Raising Consciousness • Transformation

Who Am I? What is my purpose here?

These are the quintessential spiritual questions and amazingly, WOW can assist you in knowing and LIVING the answers! Both Presence-based processes open you to the truth inside, which is where your Divinity lives, and suddenly you experience more clearly how Divinity also surrounds you, in all ways.

To know truth and be willing to live it allows us to evolve emotionally and mentally as well as spiritually - life becomes richer as we open to a greater reality than ego driven hopes and fears.
Both WOW Processes gently open your awareness to 'what is' and allow you to accept it, which is love in action, and Love, another name for Presence, for acceptance, allows whatever no longer serves you to be transmuted into what does - it's quite magical really.

And it feels good too! Whether you are searching for a growth experience, a peak state, an increased awareness of Divinity within, a sign that you're on the right track, an upshift in your level of consciousness, or simply to feel better about who/where/how you are progressing, WOW Technology safely supports your journey.

Like bringing light into a darkened room, bringing more Presence into your awareness automatically clears away the obstacles to spiritual growth, to experiencing a greater Presence within you. Using WOW, anything unwanted that you are willing to name and release automatically begins to shift, easily and quickly, allowing you to choose, and LIVE, a new reality for yourself.

You CAN transcend thought patterns, emotional reactions, and unconscious behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. WOW helps you reclaim spiritual vitality and activate new choices that reflect the deepest, highest, truest YOU. Then you'll see why so many people say "wow!" at the end of a process!

Focus on anything that upsets you, anything that disturbs your peace of heart or mind, anything you'd like to release or reclaim - or better yet, focus on who you really want to BE, now, and begin with where you are now relative to that desired state. You can get started right now, right here.

The WOW Process will gently and lovingly take you many steps, perhaps all the way, into who you choose to be. Then do WOW-in-Love - it will raise your consciousness, your quotient of love, and give you the added boost of power necessary to live as you choose to............In joy.

Visit our store to download The WOW Process NOW! (opens in new window/tab)

As a couple of folks put it:

"The WOW Process is amazing! It gets straight to the core of what's 'up' in my world. I experienced a profound clarity and insight each time, while working on entirely different issues. The impact of accessing your inner truth is boundless joy!" -G.L., Gallery Manager/Artist

"With WOW on CD, I can always afford to help myself. It's like Therapy-To-The-People. And I can do a session any time that works for me. I was very skeptical but the results amazed me." -P.C., Administrator

Disclaimer: Every human has free will and is responsible to and for their own well-being. Viewing and or using WOW Technology indicates your full agreement.
© Copyright 2010 CoCreative Resources, Louisa Dyer & Laura Cirolia. All rights reserved