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"Who we are deeply within is what creates every experience we have. The WOW Process allows us to accept what we have consciously and subconsciously held within, using a lens of love rather than judgment, and this loving acceptance immediately begins to shift who we are. As darkness ceases to exist when light is brought into it, fear, anger, grief, apathy and suffering of any kind simply disappears in the presense of love."

Conscious Dancer Magazine, page 17



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CoCreative Resources

CoCreative Resources (CORE) is an Aquarian based business that uses various mediums to facilitate expression of True Self, to enhance human growth and development, and to nurture personal and professional interactions aligned with truth, prosperity and love.

CORE works closely with the Akashic Records for Human Growth and Development and the incredible intelligence within Nature, with support and guidance from a professional MAP Team. (MAP was developed by Machaelle Wright at Perelandra - Center for Nature Research). Being in alignment is at the heart of our business model and everything we produce.

The WOW Processes are the first offerings from CORE. They are designed to alleviate suffering, embody Love, practice Presence, and promote participation in conscious evolution on all PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) levels.

Experiental WOW Seminars and Workshops

CORE is available for speaking engagements and experiential WOW Seminars and Workshops. WOW is even more dynamic when done with a group. It's the "where two or more are gathered" concept of exponential power—to integrate new choices, anchor self-realization, express newly discovered truth. Having a witness actually informs and stabilizes the transformation of consciousness facilitated by WOW Processing.

A WOW workshop can be as short as 2 hours, enough time to complete a full WOW session and discussion, or as long as 2 days. CORE is adept at creating programs designed for your particular goals and settings. Workshops generally focus on any stress related topics, on self-healing whether general or specific, and/or on spiritual growth. For an incredible boost in daily stability as well as raising overall consciousness levels, we recommend a 2 day workshop focusing on the Six Foundational Choices.

Schedule a WOW event when your group is willing to go BEYOND talking or thinking about change and chooses to actually dissolve resistance to desired outcomes.

Become the creative genius you really are and discover brilliant, sustainable solutions for your self, family, group, company and world! Feel free to email us for more information and/or to schedule an event. You may also wish to sign up for our online newsletter. Your privacy will always be protected and your information will never be redistributed.


CoCreators – Louisa Dyer and Laura Cirolia


Louisa Dyer – holistic counselor, metaphysical minister and author, with a Masters in Holistic Psychology from JFK University, School for the Study of Human Consciousness, has nearly 25 years of successful and diverse clinical experience. Louisa has studied all things spiritual since a near-death experience at age 19. Learn more about her Truly Wholistic Counseling at

Louisa has edited and published extensively in metaphysical magazines and currently has two books available: Themes of Illumination: Opening to God Within and WOW – You Really Can Feel Better: Upshifting Vitality, Presence and Power!

Louisa lives in her beloved mountains of Western North Carolina. Please contact her via e-mail: Info(at) or visit her website for more information regarding the many ways she helps people create happier and more fulfilling lives. She works nationally by phone, and in person for those near Asheville, NC.

Laura Cirolia - a Quantum Communications consultant, author, graphic designer and visual artist, is currently working on Visual Upshift for Creatives, a workbook that offers exciting, fast, and absolutely new methods for optical rejuvenation, and includes her EyeSpeak Technique. She is also the creator of a new Energy Psychology designed for youth called Jumper Cables that addresses trauma, stress, confusion and lack of momentum.

Laura is a life-long California resident, living in culturally and spiritually textured Oakland. Communication and interaction that fuels imagination, creative expression, and well-being, provides the framework for Laura's personal and professional work.

Please contact Laura via email LCirolia(at) for personal, group, school, or corporate 'upshifting' sessions or for more information about WOW workshops: Info(at)

For all email addresses above, replace (at) with @. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Every human has free will and is responsible to and for their own well-being. Viewing and or using WOW Technology indicates your full agreement.
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