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WOW Technology
WOW – Quantum BioFeedback – For Living the Life You Choose!
WOW quickly and easily: energizes creativity, makes goal setting and achievement easier than ever before, enhances clarity of purpose, eliminates or greatly reduces all types of stress and suffering, upshifts the quality of love in your relationships, helps you accept, embody and express Oneness, and brings you into greater alignment with true purpose. The WOW Process can be applied to stress related challenges, self-healing and spiritual growth.
The WOW Process and Hand Position

The WOW Processes are dynamic, alchemical experiences that can alleviate stress and suffering on any level of Being - physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - by activating present moment awareness and then anchoring the Power and Love of Presence into your everyday living and loving.

Using these powerful, precisely timed guided meditations with the WOW hand position produces a quantum biofeedback that facilitates easy release of whatever is no longer wanted, awareness of what is truly desired, and real-world activation of who you truly choose to be - happier, healthier, and consciously evolving!

Use The WOW Process for a specific issue or challenge.
Often, one session will completely clear the problem. Other times, layers of associated symptoms/suffering become obvious and clearing them requires successive sessions. Each application of WOW Technology clears whatever aspects of an issue you are able to acknowledge and willing to release.

WOW-in-Love lets you experience greater love and is thus a powerhouse for dynamic inner change. Many people have trouble loving themselves, and/or other people, and especially their daily lives, for numerous or deep-seated reasons. This process gently clears the mental and emotional negativity underlying that state. Doing so frees the physical body from emotional wounds and frees us to actually love our lives! Imagine.......

Use WOW-in-Love whenever you want more love in your life. Use it especially when fear, resentment, anger, or sadness arises.

Both processes quickly clear the painbody and help you feel better right away, then make it easier than ever before to live in healthier and happier ways. See the testimonials below and visit us on Facebook to discover how others are using WOW to create lives they love.

As many enlightened ones have taught, there is nothing we must gain to be happier, more peaceful or successful, or even to become enlightened. All that's required is releasing what has blocked us from accepting and manifesting True Self. WOW gives easy, loving ways to acknowledge and release those blocks and open to your truth.

Usually, by the end of a WOW Session, you will be clear, centered, and inspired. If you feel tired, eat some protein, drink more water, and take plenty of time to express what you've experienced. If something difficult comes up at the end of WOW Processing, this means you have accessed a deeper layer and are now ready to address it. Simply use the challenging thoughts or feelings as a beginning point and start the Process over. This is part of the same session so no waiting is required. Otherwise, we suggest one WOW Session per day.

And please, do not substitute WOW Technology for appropriate medical or psychiatric care. We make no claims that WOW heals or cures any diseases, so consult your medical professionals as appropriate.

Free Tools

6 Foundational Choices for Health, Vitality & Power

We suggest that you focus your initial WOW sessions on each of these six (6) topics, as many times as necessary to feel clear and whole around these particular issues.

Willingness to:
• love self
• experience connection
• love life

Willingness to release:
fear of expressing self
fear of living


Otherwise, WOW whatever is "up" for you in the moment or has been a theme in your life. Whenever you feel upset, unhappy, confused or in pain, take the time to UPSHIFT yourself with a WOW session. See the list below for positively inspired ways to use WOW Technology.

Balancing & Stabilizing Techniques
(available with photo-illustrations on the WOW MP3 & CD)

Duck's Beak Method: To eliminate self-sabotage (takes about a minute) There are many methods for decreasing or eliminating self-sabotage, and this one is simple, widely used, and reliable. Also called psychological reversal, self-sabotage includes being imbalanced to the point that good seems bad and bad seems good, in which case muscle testing isn't reliable. Duck's Beak is a simple, one-minute procedure that 'hooks up and aligns' your various energy systems and can be used anytime to restore balance.

Step1: Make sure your feet are on the floor with legs uncrossed. With Non-Dominant Hand: Lightly press the thumb and first two fingers together and place all three, held together, in your belly button/navel. Keep them in this position throughout the exercise.

Step 2: With Dominant Hand: Hold the first two fingers together, and slide down the collarbone, from shoulder toward center of chest. Just underneath the collarbone, just before the center-line of the chest, there's a little dip (Kidney 27) - briskly rub this little dip below the collarbone for 10 seconds. Remember to breathe. Then, using the same two fingers, come down the other side's collarbone, to the little dip just below the collarbone, just before the centerline of the chest. One side often feels different than the other. Briskly rub in the dip below the collarbone for 10 seconds, and remember to breathe.

Step 3: Pucker your lips like a duck's beak! Or like an exaggerated kiss, and with the same two fingers of the dominant hand, place one above and one below the lips, and briskly rub back and forth, horizontally, for 10 seconds. _Remember to breathe.

Step 4: Rub base of spine briskly with the palm of the dominant hand, as far down as you can reach, for 10 seconds, remembering to breathe. The non-dominant hand is still in the belly button.

Step 5: Now take a few deep breaths and shake out both of your hands.

Alternate Nostril Breathing: To balance both hemispheres of the brain - especially helpful to focus attention, enhance creativity, resolve a challenging situation, or simply to feel more balanced.

Step 1: Begin by closing the left nostril with your left thumb or finger and breathe in and out through the right nostril for 2-3 breaths.

Step 2: Now leave the left nostril open, close the right nostril with your right thumb or finger, and breathe in and out through the left nostril for 5-6 breaths.

Flower Essences: Flower Essences work with electrical fields of all form, including cells and organs of our bodies, as well as thoughts and feelings, which are also "matter" even though we don't see them. There are many brands of flower essences, and specific solutions to address almost any issue. Our favorites are from Machaelle Wright at Perelandra.

If you want the many benefits that flower essences offer without a learning curve, try Perelandra's ETS+. It contains over 100 essences and is designed to address any potential trauma a human could experience, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. We think of it as "Rescue Remedy
X 100" and use it regularly. Tell Perelandra that Louisa or Laura sent you!

Focusing Inward: You can also balance and stabilize yourself like this: Be quiet and still for five minutes, focusing on each breath. State at the beginning and the end of this time that you'd like to be balanced and stabilized on every level of being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Enjoy.................

FAQ's and Q&A's

Question: Is WOW like EFT, TAT, ZPoint or other Energy Psychology Methods or Healing Modalities that I may already be familiar with?
Answer: WOW is a totally new way to, right NOW, be more aligned and feel better in your body, mind and life. Its foundation is in Ancient Alchemistic Transformational Practices and Quantum Dynamics plus a Meridian hand position that is an ACTIVATOR of the MetaScript. Yet it's also a simple, guided meditation that is so easy to use.

Question: How often can I use WOW Processing?
Answer: We suggest making it part of your self-care routine. Once a day is plenty as WOW is powerful and it takes time to bio-dynamically integrate the conscious and subconscious upshifts, then activate them in your life. We also suggest keeping a WOW processing journal.

Question: Some Energetic Processes can make people queezy, tired, upset, flu-ish and out of sorts. Or problems hide, return sooner or later or in a new form, or more dramatically.
Answer: Exactly. That is why we've created WOW. We noticed this and put our attention on groundedness, on safety and comfort, along with profound forward movement. Doing a complete WOW session is safe, gentle, effective and without side effects. With that said, we do STRONGLY recommend drinking at least 8 oz of water (with minerals intact or added) because all dynamic processing uses electricity, and that means water! So stay hydrated. We also suggest supporting your body and brain with protein. Soaked nuts and seeds are great, as are organic eggs and foods with Omega fatty acids.

Question: Can I share this process or do a WOW session as a surrogate?
Answer: We have an interactive version of both WOW Processes. PartnerWOW is very beneficial and goes deeper when there is another human being to witness your truth, and being a WOW facilitator is quite easy, requiring mostly a willingness to be present with a loving intention, and a timer. We highly recommend finding a WOW Partner, whether you facilitate one another or simply listen to the recordings together. WOW-in-Love is especially dynamic when done with a partner.

As for being a surrogate, the short answer is no - we must each do our own work and no one can do it for us. Instead, we suggest you clear any and all aspects of the challenge you feel or see in another person as a reflection of something within yourself. Do your own inner work. WOW is based on willingness to make a new choice, to Upshift and grow. Humans have free will so we respect each and every person's freedom and personal timing. Also, we are inherently perfect so when you 'diagnosis' or notice someone else's 'problem', clear yourself.

Question: How young is too young for WOW Processing?
Answer: We do not recommend WOW for children, although some parents who are WOW facilitators have used it successfully with their own children. We are developing a safe, fun and loving process for children called 'Jumper Cables'. It is even faster and easier than WOW. Kids and parents (and quite a few adult men) LOVE this unusual and highly effective method. Please sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to know when it becomes generally available.

WOW Stories

WOW Quotes/Stories of Major Change with WOW Processing

Fear and feeling generally unsafe to express expanded to: "I choose to release the illusion of separateness." and then super-shifted to: "I choose to express myself as connected with other people."

A fear of learning became a choice to: "I am willing to choose peace and freedom and ease of being." Fears about releasing judgment transformed to: "I am willing to connect."

Uncertainty about life path, purpose, and goals became: " I am willing to love living."

Some of our clients had done quite a bit of personal growth work, like this one with over twenty years worth...and never realized until The WOW Process that she did not love living. What a revelation! She became willing and then ready to make the choice to actually love her life, rather than continue with the "abstract spiritual concept of loving all life." Immediately, her energy shifted and she laughed and cried with joy to discover what had been causing her low-grade malaise.

With excitement, she described her epiphany like this: "Life is like a snow globe. And I was trying to not have snow in my globe, to keep it very still and peaceful. But it's a snow globe - there's supposed to be snow! Now I can enjoy the snow instead of fighting or hating it."- L.A.

This woman had become aware of generations of fear, lack, and confusion around financial security. In the process, she noticed a familiar, constricted feeling around her heart. As it dissolved, she could suddenly see and feel her life opening to a new sense of abundance. Her money challenges dissolved initially into:
"I choose to know my own heart."
Then upshifted to the lyrical choice of: "I am willing to allow my heart to be open and flow in the abundance of life."

Following are just a few of the comments we've received from a wide range of folks who made regular time to practice WOW.

"I am more likely now to play The WOW Recording and actually resolve my problem than to project it outwardly onto others. I have become more aware of my habits and can actually feel myself evolving."-A.M.

"My life feels more manageable, less scary. Thinking about specific issues, I definitely feel stronger." -V.R.

"I was able to finally accept and acknowledge what I want and to verbalize it. I feel more true to myself - more authentic." -S.L.

"I look forward to time with myself and the WOW process. I have a special place I've made that has become an important and natural addition in my life." -J.B.

"I have been reminded of the necessity/desire to stay spiritually connected with Source and myself. My life has changed in that I am more connected with Source; therefore I have less stress in my like. I am embracing my feminine side and my sexuality. My connection with my partner has deepened. These are excellent steps for true forgiveness, on many levels. I felt much movement/shifting during each session." -S. K.

"I feel like I've upgraded my inner programming to Human 2.0. Situations that in the past would have caused fear, and in some way sunk my boat, are all just part of the current now, such that I feel stable and willing to accept and love all aspects of my life." -L.C.

"WOW Processing helps me get out of excessive mental and emotional cycling on my own. It relieves an inner angst, chaos and turmoil...just smooths it out. I can easily stop obsessing about a problem and solve it with WOW." -E.S.

This next quote comes from an artist/writer/metaphysical healer who was hired for the job she wanted the day after doing The WOW-in-Love Process. She had a good laugh at the seemingly endless stream of "bad girl, bad girl, bad girl" that flowed out of her and transformed into self-love.
"The WOW Process brings together free association with a deep intuitive knowledge of neural patterning. With years of study in various forms of collaboration, creativity & human behavior codes, this work brings Eureka! to self-knowledge. My sessions combined multi-layered approaches to exploring breakthroughs, goal-setting, and transcending DNA to produce kinetic changes that were astounding & exhilarating. Lightning bolts only begin to provide a metaphor for this very liberating play of leaping fences within the map that is the whole person, evolving." -K.S.

And this from another long-time spiritual growth advocate: "I was stuck on an issue that had been limiting me financially and personally for a long time. Within a month after doing the Wow Process my life changed radically, as the issue addressed turned around completely. Doing the process helped me become clear about what my real desire was beneath the surface issue. I named it, had a visual symbol for it, and a mantra to take away. At the end of the session I realized I'd exclaimed, "Wow!" more than a few times!" - J.W.

Some people have discovered WOW after trying many other ways to accomplish their goals. We've found that choosing the right tool can make a difference between hours of digging or a gentle releasing to get the root removed. The man below, a long time meditator, expressed his relief to now have that tool.
"I have tried many different ways to establish balance in my life, to relieve stress and anxiety, and find a better understanding of myself...and to really feel good about myself, less critical and more peaceful. These processes are a fast and direct way to do that. It feels like hours upon hours of meditation in the time it take to commute to work." -P.C.

One client writes that, "All sentiments are directly from the heart," in reference to WOW Processing. Here's a note from her WOW Journaling.
• WOW as been a life changing and life affirming process.
• WOW has been an amazing process of getting to know myself, where I am right now, what I need to do next, and how to be totally OK with it all.
• It's also been the doorway to inviting and accepting new opportunities in my career and personal life." - J.B.

Although we emphatically make NO medical claims, clients have often found that physical symptoms disappear after clearing their mental and emotional energy fields. Emotion lives in the body, in our very cells, while feelings generally follow thought, so it makes sense that clearing the emotional roots of a physical issue can clear bodily symptoms. This example from an artist and musician being facilitated by Louisa shows the power of creative intent and willingness. It's long, and worth reading because her WOW experience is common, and quite inspiring, as she takes full responsibility and reaps the reward of well-being.

"For six months, I had symptoms that pointed to diaphragmatic endometriosis, a rare condition which involves very severe shoulder pain that lasts one or two days during menstruation. I researched the condition, and discovered that the progression of it involves increasing pain throughout the month, and that endometrial tissue can travel to major organs of the body, including the lungs and brain. A lot of women resort to surgery to remove the pain-causing lesions. My gynecologist suggested birth control for three months at a time, eliminating menstruation. I absolutely could not see this as an option and did not want to treat the symptoms; I wanted to heal. I understand that the spirit and mind control the body, and that a disease can present itself in order to get your attention. Disease asks you to acknowledge and heal not only on the physical plane, but more importantly, on the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes of existence. I healed my condition with a series of four WOW processes. I can only describe it like guided introspective therapy, where years of work can be accomplished in an hour. A WOW tour through my psyche revealed that I harbored many issues around creativity.
During the Process, I could literally feel negative energy rippling out my body. A few times, beliefs that I didn't even know I had came to the surface. The most difficult part was making the statements of intent and truth. Fortunately, it is enough to say:

"I am WILLING..." if you can't yet say "I am."

Each session felt like I had successfully and lovingly altered the core of my being. When the day came around that I would ordinarily have pain, I didn't have any! That is amazing - beautiful - mind boggling! It is amazing that my being created this disease I'd never even heard of, which gave me the opportunity to work through core challenges in my life. I love how life is so multidimensional - this whole experience has helped me appreciate and embrace that. Wow! Thank you so much!" -B.C.S.


Disclaimer: Every human has free will and is responsible to and for their own well-being. Viewing and or using WOW Technology indicates your full agreement.
© Copyright 2010 CoCreative Resources, Louisa Dyer & Laura Cirolia. All rights reserved